Gift Registries

Interested in creating a Gift Registry at Rachael DePauw Pottery?

Contact me if you’d like to have your own set of Rachael DePauw Pottery to celebrate your special day! We can arrange a time to meet and discuss the prices and designs of your future dinnerware. 

Ordering from a Registry

Orders can be made by phone (504-533-8555), email (, or visiting my home studio. I will update the wish list as soon as an order has been completed in order to avoid duplicate purchases.


Payment can be made by cash, checks payable to Rachael DePauw, Venmo to @Rachael-depauw, paypal, and all credit cards. If paying by credit card, I will email you an invoice where payment can be remitted.

Gift Acknowledgement

I will notify and e-mail a gift card of purchases as they occur. Please let me know what names and message to include on the acknowledgement.


Once the gift registry has closed, usually a few weeks following the wedding, a final summary of orders will be compiled. All of the orders will then be hand-made following this closure. Because I, and not a machine, hand-make all of the work, this time-frame ensures that their set has a consistent and cohesive style that was all made in a similar fashion. Completion of large registries may take up to 6 months depending on the time of the year. If the couple is unable to pick up their gifts, shipping will cost 20% of the purchased items.